05/17/2016: First Day in Quito

June 24, 2016


I made it to Ecuador in one piece! One of the things I was most anxious about was getting to the airport and no one being there to pick me up, but I found the sign with my name on and the people from Simon Bolivar (the Spanish school I am going to be attending) no problem. It was about a 40 minute drive from the airport to where I am staying. I was greeted with open arms from my host mom and she showed me my room and my bathroom.

The next morning I had breakfast with my host mom and sister; yogurt and granola, toast, a banana, and tea. After that someone from Simon Bolivar (the spanish school) and another girl named Olivia who will be here for the next two weeks, picked me up at my house for an orientation of the city. He showed us good places to eat, and other fun things to do around Quito.

After orientation I went back to my host family for lunch; an omelette with vegetables and soup. After lunch I headed back to school for my Spanish lessons at 1:00. For the first week I am here I have one-on-one Spanish lessons from 1:00-5:00 every afternoon. My Spanish teacher, Julio, is very nice and patient. The lessons are challenging, but I learned a lot! After lessons I met up with my friend Olivia and we walked around the city for a while. I went back to my house for dinner with my host mom. I was pretty tired from so after dinner I took and shower and went to bed.

Quito is a beautiful city and I am excited to explore all it has to offer!! Everyone at the school is very helpful and friendly. My host mom is very sweet and I am looking forward to getting to know her better.

Thank you for reading!!!!