06/29/2015: Mini Golf and Mazes in Minnesota

June 9, 2016

One of our J-1 Work and Travel participants, Han Y., from China documented her Summer 2015 Work and Travel experience in the USA through a blog. We look forward to reading about her life in the USA!

Minnesota is a really good place for summer!!! It's already over 95° in my hometown, but it's just 80° here.

With the nice weather, I went to mini golf for fun this weekend. There are 18 parts, I was doing better while it's  getting harder and harder. After that, I and my roommate went to the maze. It reminds me of the movie named The Maze Runner. It's really difficult to be a maze runner! I needed to find 3 clues in the maze, unfortunately, I got lost… Finally, I took 1 hour to get out of there!

After that, we went to Applebee's for dinner. I ordered steak. Yummy yummy!

On Sunday, I made some homemade dumplings. The fillings are celery and pork. Those are the best dumplings I have ever made! I'm gonna share some with my coworkers tomorrow :)