07/26/2015 Leaving Ecuador

June 24, 2016

Well my time has come. In less than an hour, my ride will be here to pick me up and take me to the airport. It is hard to adequately describe how sad I am about leaving and in what way I'm sad. I started this adventure unaware of what was to come. I came in excited. Then there were days I felt drained and I wondered if I was getting the best experience possible. Finally, this last week of camp solidified that this experience has been one of the single best times of my life, not just for the fun I had but for how much I feel I've grown and realized about myself.

I found myself crying or with tears in my eyes most of Friday as I said goodbye to my little campers. I never knew how much they would grow on me. All I can think about now is how I likely may never see them again, or even about all the adventures there are left to be had in Ecuador. I think this all leads to the point that I should come back, and at this moment, that is my very intention. I don't think my work here is done.

I'm behind on my goal number for blogs posted, mostly due to being so busy. I wanted to spend more than just a few moments on what I was writing, but free time would only come a half hour max at a time, and by the time I could write about a day, it was two days later. That being said, I'm posting this brief post about my current state in leaving. I'm then planning to write three more blog, more extensive and hopefully meaningful. I really want to write about my camp experience, but with the details it deserves. Beyond that, I think I'll reflect on my common blog theme of friendship and goodbyes. The third blog I'm not too sure about yet. I may post something broader like advice for visiting Quito and Ecuador in general, but we'll see.

Just take away one thing from this post... this has been the best month of my life.