08/08/14 El Mitad del Mundo

June 23, 2016

It was a very busy weekend. After being very sick on Wednesday and Thursday, I made big plans for the weekend! Friday morning, I got up very early and headed to El Mitad del Mundo or better known to us as the Equator. It was not as hot as I imagined, but it was definitely the warmest place I had been so far in Ecuador!

We went to an awesome museum where we were shown several cool experiments on the equator line! We were able to see a sun dial, which was perfectly accurate on the equator! We also saw a sort of calendar that showed where the sun was is comparison with the seasons! You were able to balance an egg perfectly on a nail at the center of the Equator! At the Equator line, it is very hard to walk in a straight line because our bodies are naturally attracted to one pole or the other! When you're right in the middle, it's harder than being drunk to walk this line!

The last cool thing we were able to see was water flowing. As most of you know, when you drain water at home, it usually funnels in one direction, but at the Equator, it doesn't! The water goes straight down (as shown below!). We were able to see this tested in the North and the water spun counterclockwise and in the south it spun clockwise! This is the same reasons hurricanes don't form at the Equator! It was very interesting to do all these experiments and tests.

After the Equator, I was headed to the beach on the coast for the weekend! It was over a 11 hour bus ride and I spent all day in a bus driving in and out of mountains and trying to unpop my ears from the changes in pressure! On the bright side, I finally had some time to watch a few movies on the bus (in Spanish, of course) and read my book!

I arrived late at Atacames beach and was completely exhausted! I went to bed early right after I ate dinner!