4 Biggest Work and Travel Fears & How to Overcome Them (Part 4)

July 10, 2017

Spirit offers an Ambassador Scholarship for participants returning to their employer after at least one successful season. This year, Thanaporn T. returned to Tinley Park, IL, as one of our Ambassador Scholarship winners. She will blog weekly about her experiences.

4. I am afraid that my job will be boring

Somebody might think you can only work and have no fun during your time in America. I can honestly say that your thought is wrong! Affirmations are only cheesy if you want them to be. Boring life happens when you have a boring mindset. There are so many ways to be happy while doing your job.

First, stay focused on the positive. There are so many benefits from your work. Working in America is a new challenge in my life. I have faced so many people which has helped me to improve my English skills, communication skills, and other challenges on a daily basis which make you become a better person.

Second, never complain and spread happiness all around you. The quickest way to happiness is to be a harbinger yourself. Smile, connect with coworkers or clients, It's surprisingly simple.

Moreover, check out the activities around your workplace by keeping up from a local website or magazine. Try to attend the festivals. You will understand more about the American culture. For my 4th of July, I celebrated it with all my friends at work. We had so much fun with the parade and shared happiness to the people around by giving them free gifts.

For those of you who have already been working, I hope you share all of your fun pictures and stories! Post a picture showing all of your fun moments in America, then tag @spiritexchange on your Instagram pictures and use #ShowYourSpirit