7/28/14 My First Day of Volunteering

June 23, 2016


This morning I woke up around 8am to get ready for my first day of volunteering! I was really excited! I had breakfast at 9am and went off to Los Abuelitos de Calle to be there around 10am! I was really nervous for my first day, but they just threw me into the action and I started. I helped to serve breakfast in the morning (hot tea and bread) and then went to talk to some of the abuelitos. They talk very quickly so it was really hard for me to understand, but they were very patient with me! All the abuelitos wanted to meet me and talk to me! They asked me all sorts of questions and I had fun talking with them for a large sum of time.


In the afternoon, we did an exercise class and dancing! It was so cute to see everyone having so much fun with both! We then had some university students come and give a presentation about diabetes and good health! It was a very interesting and the abuelitos were so engaged and interested in learning! They asked great questions. We then had to prepare for lunch which took almost 12 people! It was a little crazy, but we were able to complete it all in time for 1PM lunch! We served all the abuelitos and then they all left and we cleaned up! It was an awesome first day and I was happy to help! I will take pictures in the weeks to come! After volunteering, I came home for lunch and was blogging (I had a lot to catch up from the long weekend away).


This evening, my new friend Mattias (from Germany) and I met up at five to go to an art museum. We got some dinner and walked through La Carolina (the park I refer to in one of my earlier blogs!). 

We then went to an art museum called Alliance Francaise. It was a small but beautiful gallery! Here is us before we went in as well as a few of the pieces we saw. It was a very cute and modest gallery! Very interesting! We had fun translating the explanation of the pieces as well!

It was a beautiful night in the city and it was such a joy to have a new adventure with a new friend! I am enjoying my time here so much. Works can not even describe how much I am really enjoying myself. I feel as if Quito is my home (I almost don't want to leave!). Plus, the food is beyond amazing! Thank you for reading!

Much Love,