8/11/14-8/12/14 Shopping for Abuelitos and a 5.1 Earthquake

June 23, 2016

Monday 8/11

Today I joined my Abuelitos for more fun! I learned a new Ecuadorian card game called Cuarenta. I end up playing it with the Abuelitos very often for fun. They like to play it. It is a very well-known Ecuadorian card game and everyone knows it! It's very simple and fun! I enjoy it!

Besides that, it was just a normal day of volunteering! It was crowded for lunch so the day went quickly! After that, my house mom took me for our first round of shopping for the Abuelitos! Check it out! We bought:

-3 huge containers of glue
-6 rolls of tape (3 transparent & 3 masking)
-6 pairs of small scissors
-2 pairs of large scissors
-3 packs of 12 colored markers
-12 packs of plain assorted paper
-10 brand new puzzles

-12 packs of 24 colored pencils

-1 new coloring book (due to a lack of coloring books in the store)
-1 huge pack of colored construction paper
-1 big pencil sharpener
-3 packs of number 2 pencils

It was a very successful first trip, and we are off to do more buying on Tuesday!

Tuesday 8/12

Today was another day of fun at Abuelitos! We did a workout/dancing class in the morning. It was a really fun thing to watch and participate in. Other than that, it was a normal day of Cuarenta and lunch! After Abuelitos, I came home and ate lunch then left with my family to go to El Central Historico to do some shopping for the Abuelitos. Check out what we got...

-32 different colors of yarn
-10 sticks to weave with

-12 decks of playing cards
-7 candles (for a religious shrine)

-9 packs of 50 plastic spoons (for lunch)

-18 new towels for kitchen and cleaning

-2 large bottle of hand sanitizer

Thanks for all the monetary contributions to make this all possible!

During our shopping trip, we heard that there had been a big 5.1 earthquake. Because we were not home, we didn't feel it and wer were not in harm. Our house was in the earthquake (I came home to pictures off the wall in my room). Nobody that I knew or my family was harmed, but there were people injured and killed. Here are two links if you'd like to read about the earthquake:



The skies are filled with ash and the traffic is terrible. Besides that, all should resume to normal tomorrow!

Tonight, I am headed to an American friend's house for a homemade American dinner! I am so excited! I will post pictures tomorrow of our meal!

Thanks for reading and thank you always for your love and support!