8/1/14-8/5/14 Exploring Quito and its Culture

June 23, 2016

Friday, August 1

It was the start of August! Yay! I volunteered at Abuelitos de Calle and redid the picture wall they have with some of the beautiful artwork that the abuelitos made. It was a crazy day! It is so crowded on Fridays at ADC. They have to have two seatings of people because not everyone can fit it one! It was a hectic, but fun day!
After Abuelitos, I headed home and got ready to go out with a new friend I made from Wednesday! We went here, http://vistahermosa.ec/, which is in the Old City and it was so beautiful! Check out the link to see the view! I didn't take my own pictures (don't like to take my camera out late at night!), but you get the idea from the website! It was a beautiful evening and afterwards, I also was able to go to an Ecuadorian salsa club! I attempted to dance salsa with the Ecuadorians and I realized very quickly that I am not very good (at all). Everyone here in Ecuador starts to learn salsa around age 13 or 14, so they have a huge advantage! I still had fun pretending I could dance though!

Saturday, August 2

On Saturday, I woke up early with my family to go to their family party! It was a huge fiesta with fun dancing, playing and wonderful food! We spent all day at the party (from 11am to 8pm). The parties are similar to parties in the states, they just have more soccer and sports!

In the evening, after the party, I went out again with my friend! We went to this cafe in the old city and were able to see a view at night of the entire city of Quito! Check out the website! http://www.cafemosaico.com.ec/  It was another beautiful view of the city!

Sunday, August 3

On Sunday, I was needing my church fix! I decided to go to one of the beautiful churches in the old city with my friend, Max. It's called "Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús" and it is coated completely in gold.  It was a beautiful and I was able to see a lovely service in Spanish!

After that, I had a relaxing rest of the day watching the movie "A Tus Espalda", which was filmed about the differences between in Ecuadorian society between the people who live in the North and the people who live in the South. It was a very interesting film, and I would recommend it, but it is a bit racy and only in Spanish!

Later in the day, Max and I went to the Teleferico. This is a large cable car that takes you on top of a mountain to see all of Quito. We went right at sunset, so it was a beautiful time to go. We saw the sun set over the city and we were able to see the city at night when we took the cable car down!

Monday, August 4

It was back to work on Monday! I worked all day at Abuelitos and afterwards I came home and rested for the rest of the evening to try to get over this small cold I have! Nothing too special!

Tuesday, August 5

Today at Abuelitos, I was able to have another American volunteer from Wisconsin to work with! We were excited to be able to have a companion to work at Abuelitos! Her name is Haley, and she just graduated from college for three months. With many of the donations I have received (and hope to continue to receive), we made a plan to make some new decorations and crafts for Abuelitos! I am really excited to have someone to work on this project with me. We worked all day and then headed home.

At home, I ate lunch and have been catching up on some other work and, of course, catching up on my blogging. I will take a nap and continue to rest up until later tonight!

Later tonight, I am going to see what an Ecuadorian movie theater is like as well as try Ecuadorian ice cream! It should be very fun and I am excited to encounter more and more of Ecuador.

I am enjoying my time here and really love Ecuador. It will be a place I am already planning to return to and I have fallen in love with the people, culture, and natural beauty. I have been so blessed with this trip! Thank you always for your support and interest in me! Please let me know if there are any special souvenirs or questions anyone has! Believe it or not, I only have a week and a half left! Time is going way too fast!

Lots of Love,