8/13/14 A Day of Love and Giving

June 23, 2016


Today was the big day. That's right. I finally got to give the Abuelitos all their wonderful items so generously donated by all of you in the USA. I went out and a bought a few more things in the morning. Check it out...

-Over 15 magazines full of wonderful pictures

-5 more packages of 50 plastic spoons

-2 red bins for supplies and spoons

-10 new containers for colored pencils

We also purchased a 50 pound bag of flour so that more bread can be made for the Abuelitos! We arrived around 10:30am with the truck load of items and completely surprised everyone at Abuelitos! It was a beautiful morning and I was proud to be a part of facilitating such a wonderful project and donation! 

In the evening, I headed with some friends to El Centro Historico to do some shopping and see the Ecuadorian President's house. I bought some Ecuadorian Coffee and walked for a bit. After that, we went to the artisan market so I could start buying my souvenirs! We spent about two hours there (I love to barter!) and then we headed back home. We will go to ladies night tonight in town (if I can find some money for a taxi!).


Today marks the end of my 24th day in Quito. With only four short days remaining, I am feeling more than grateful for the amazing opportunities I have been blessed with here. I am walking away from this trip feeling closer to God, having a greater understanding for our unique world starting with the beautiful country of Ecuador. I am leaving Ecuador feeling stronger, smarter, more blessed, more loved, more beautiful and more excited for my future than ever! I am so lucky that I am going to get to help people for the rest of my life! Thank each and every one of you for your never ending support and thank you to Spirit Cultural Exchange Program for sending me on this amazing voyage which has been proven to be an absolutely priceless trip!

Thanks for following me,