8/5/2016: Blood, Hamburgers, and more Blood

August 10, 2016

Spirit Cultural Exchange offers individuals the opportunity to help with a variety of volunteer projects in Ecuador while immersing themselves in the local culture. Volunteer projects are available throughout the year for a minimum of one week and are offered in many different fields. We hope you enjoy reading the blogs of our summer 2016 scholarship winner Mackenzie H!

Day 13:
What a strange day it's been. It started off with another weird dream and then on my way to work, a homeless man came up behind me and shouted in my ear. After that, another person said hi to me but I instantly jumped. Well, I made it safely to the clinic and worked the entire morning in the laboratory getting more practice drawing blood. On my way home from work, I wanted to walk home, but it's hard to enjoy it in downtown Quito. Every step I walk, I inhale tons of exhaust from buses and cars and taxis. However, I did decide to take a detour and see the basilica on the top of the hill.

After a while, I went to the school and played a card game with two professors and two other students. That was a fun time. After the game, I headed home again and my host mom made hamburgers for dinner. They weren't half bad! (But, the hamburgers at home are better... not to be biased).

Day 14:
Goooood morning. Another day of work before the weekend is here. Today I worked in the laboratory drawing blood once again. Today I was a little bit more independent while working. The nurse would say, "your turn". I'm really enjoying my time in the clinic, even if I am doing the same type of thing every day. I feel like I'm really helping and I'm also learning. I am no longer scared to "stab" people for good reasons. After a while, I went upstairs to the hospitalization area. There was only one nurse working the area and prepping people for their operations. I did a lot more than last time. She had me sort some papers and rearrange things. Even though it wasn't much, it definitely helped the nurse with her crazy busy morning.

When I got home, I ate some lunch and started packing for the weekend. Tomorrow morning, 5 or 6 of us are headed to Banos, Ecuador to do some extreme sports and spend some time in the great outdoors. Can't wait to see what this weekend brings!

The next blog will be more eventful. Hope to "see you" on Monday.

Thanks for reading. Love from Ecuador!