"The Biggest Adventure in My Life"

March 28, 2019

Recently, we asked our winter participants to send us stories about some of the cool things that happened to them on their program. Angela G. from Peru has been working at Split Rock Resort in Pennsylvania and had an experience she'll remember for a lifetime! You can read more about Angela's exciting story below.

I've been living in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania and I wanted to share with everybody that I got engaged this winter while I was in the USA.

My fiancé and I met back in Peru. We'd been studying in the same university, but we never saw each other around. One of our friends introduced us at a party that we had in April last year. We were dating since then. It was a love at the first sight.

The story of my proposal was funny. He came to visit me for a few days from Peru while I was in New York, Times Square. We spent 4 days over there. His family and mine are very Catholic, so we went to a church to say thank you to God, and we realized it was February and the dominical term was “love.” He had the most wonderful opportunity there, but he forgot the ring in his sock at the hotel. We came back for that (even though I didn’t know why we were going back), and he asked me for a picture on the red stairs in Times Square, and when I turned around, he was with a ring in his hand! The most dramatic and amazing experience of my life.

About my experience in Lake Harmony, I just can say it was so peaceful. I live in Lima, Peru and the last thing we get here is peace. I remember I could definitely enjoy my naps so well! If I can say what was one of the greatest experiences about my program, I would probably say the friends I made there. I remember I told everybody by a group chat that I was engaged, and they made me a "congratulations party" just for me and him; they even made me a goodbye ceremony (yeah, this was weird!), but they were the best I ever had in Lake Harmony and the best I had in the USA.

This winter was the biggest adventure in my life, so thank you so much Spirit!

- Angela G., Peru

Special thanks to Angela for sharing her story and experience living in Lake Harmony on the Work and Travel Program! If you have photos and a story to share, contact Spirit. We'd love to hear from you!