Cultural Activities in Washington

August 27, 2019

From Seattle to Ocean Shores, our participants are loving their summer experiences in Washington! Recently, Spirit representative Hope visited some of our Washington participants for two fun days of local activities. You can read about her trip below!

Pike Place Food Bank and Seattle Underground Tour

On the first day of my trip, I met participants at their housing at the nearby Quality Inn and Suites. From there, we drove to the Pike Place Food Bank. Once we arrived, we attended an orientation that explained the history of the food bank and the different services that Seattle has to offer for the homeless population.

The participants and I were assigned to help with the carrots that were recently donated. Our job was to put as many carrots as would fit in a plastic bag, tie the bag, and place it in a different box to be distributed. We developed an assembly line strategy that worked well and made the process go by quickly!

Spirit Participant at Pike Place Food Bank

After the food bank, we rode the free waterfront shuttle to the Underground Tour. Once there, we were given a brief history of how Seattle was founded and how the Underground Tour came to be. The tour offered transcripts in different languages, which was nice for the participants to follow along with to make sure they understood everything! After the tour, we rode the waterfront shuttle to the Space Needle and walked back to the hotel from there. Everyone had a great time!


Picnic on the Beach

When I arrived in Ocean Shores, I first went to a nearby kite shop to buy some frisbees, kites, and other beach toys to enjoy after our beach clean-up. The next stop was the local McDonald’s, where our participants were working. The employer was even kind enough to donate trash bags and gloves for our event!

I met participants at the entrance to the beach, and we all walked down to the beach together. We set up our blankets, games, and food for later. Once we were all set-up, I gave each of the participants a pair of gloves and paired them off, each pair receiving a trash bag. Everyone collected a lot of trash!

Spirit Participants in Ocean Shores

After the clean-up, the participants flew kites. We had some difficulties at first, but after many attempts, the participants were able to fly all three kites simaltaneously. While some participants flew the kites, others played frisbee. We wrapped up the day by taking some pictures. The participants really enjoyed our picnic on the beach!

Meet Hope!


Take a look at a few more of our picnic photos below!