"FOODerlust" - Enjoy American Food

July 17, 2017

Spirit offers an Ambassador Scholarship for participants returning to their employer after at least one successful season. This year, Thanaporn T. returned to Tinley Park, IL, as one of our Ambassador Scholarship winners. She will blog weekly about her experiences.

FOOD is one of the reasons I love America! There is a rich diversity of food in here, you can find so many kinds of food from so many countries here. Since it's easy to find the food from your country, you will forget about the homesickness. In particular, when you taste the national food, it make you feel like you take a step into other countries because you are able to face their cultures and the feeling from the food. Other than America, step in to Mexico, Italy, Japan, Thailand, etc.

I am so glad I got to try a variety of delicious foods and some crazy foods as well, for example frog legs. I have tasted and would like to share with you! Don't have the fear of getting happy fat! You may only get to experience this food once. 

Check out the gallery of my favorite American dishes from the Windy city, Chicago! And you can not miss! I hope to see all of your food experiences. Please feel free to share a photo of food you enjoyed.  Tag @spirtexchange on your instagram and show your traveling experiences by using #showyourspirit