January 2015 Cultural Activity: Wisconsin Dells Ice-Skating Event

June 27, 2016

Cultural Exchange is the cornerstone of our J-1 program. We plan for at least 2 cultural activities a month, which means we have thousands of participants across the United States experiencing local culture. Cultural activities increase in the participant’s emotional ties to the community they’re living and working in, strengthens the relationships with their colleagues, and introduces Americans to invaluable experiences from the participant’s home culture. 

Spirit representative Jessica Jackson attended the Ice Skating Event hosted by the Dells J-1 Consortium at the Poppy Waterman Ice Area on Wednesday, January 14. This is an event the consortium holds annually for J-1 participants, employers, and sponsors in the Wisconsin Dells and Lake Delton area. This free event, funded by employers and sponsors such as Spirit, is held annually for J-1 participants who have the opportunity to ice skate and enjoy dinner as a community. Participants were able to interact with many international students, their sponsor, and employers. Spirit participants were able to meet Jessica Jackson and discuss their experience on the Work and Travel program and ask any questions. Over 240 J-1 participants signed up to attend this activity; last year the event welcomed over 200.

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