Trip to Milwaukee

March 21, 2017

Today, we did a “flash” trip to Milwaukee to visit another participant of the J-1 work and travel program.

Our first stop was at a nice restaurant in the middle of the highway to have some breakfast (which by the way, was really good) and where I tried for the first time this American gravy sauce and a “cow tale” which is a chocolate original from Wisconsin.
After fueling ourselves up, we hit the road again that led us to our second stop at a little store where you can find different kinds and a unique Wisconsin- style cheese and bratwurst.
We went to a very nice hotel in Wisconsin and I met another participant from India; he is a very cool guy; we ate afterwards at the market.
This place (Public Market) is really nice, it has different kinds of food, wines and souvenirs, so if you go to Milwaukee someday, make sure you stop here to eat something.
Finally, the last part of the trip was at a local brewery called Lakefront. We took a guided tour and at the entrance you are given some tokens that you can change for beer! You can choose between different flavors and styles .
I couldn´t see downtown in its entirety but I definitely want to go back to go to the art museum of Wisconsin. It is a good place to go and spend the weekend, so make sure you make some time to come here!