A Walk Through Chicago

July 24, 2017

Spirit offers an Ambassador Scholarship for participants returning to their employer after at least one successful season. This year, Thanaporn T. returned to Tinley Park, IL, as one of our Ambassador Scholarship winners. She will blog weekly about her experiences.

It's time to travel into a beautiful city and relax after a hard day at work. Let's talk a walk through the magnificent city of Chicago!

  1. Millinium Park in the heart of the city. A little-known secret about your visits to Millennium Park is that it is free-of-charge. Who doesn't like free stuff ? Millennium Park is truly the pride and joy of the city. While you there, be sure to take a walk around and explore everything in sight . You will see the  beautiful Crown Fountain which is a reference to the traditional style of Chicago. On this fountain you will be seeing faces of Chicago citizens on big LED screens and having water flow through their mouths. The park is sure to excite all who visit and leave you with memories that last a lifetime.
  2. Chicago's Museums. You don't want to miss the experiences you can have at the Museums in the city! 
  • Museum of Science and Industry where you will see many awesome things. As you are exploring this museum you will be learning as you go without you even having to think about learning. For an example you will see the Tornado inside the building and many other amazing science creatures.
  • Shedd Aquarium where you can explore the colorful aquatic life. You will see the dolphins and whales perform daily in an exciting aquatic show and also you are be able to touch the Stingrays!
  • Field Museum where you will meet the prehistoric dinosaurs, including towering Sue the T. rex, The world's largest, most complete, and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • Adler Planetarium where you can see the real moon rocks and explore the mysterious galaxies by the sky theaters.
  1. Navy Pier. A sight to remember. So many different things to do. You can go shopping, go to dinner, go to live plays, and you can even go on the ferris wheel, and to end your perfect night you may just be able to watch the fireworks by the lake. The view from the window into the sky, Lake Michigan and Chicago building match perfectly. With a 200 feet of height , it took my breath away and it has always been my in my great memories.
  2. Chinatown While enjoying wonderful Chicago Attractions, don't forget to stop by the Chinatown which has some traditional food ,shopping and art exhibitions that you can explore and have fun while visiting.
  3. So much more! Chicago Theater , Buckingham Fountain, and more other places that will enrich your life time memories. Have fun on your day off and enjoy exploring the world!

Work hard, Travel harder!!