Week 2 Post 1: A New Start at Cotacachi

July 29, 2019
Cotacachi rests on the high mountains about 60 miles north of Quito. You can see the clouds sailing closer to you the closer it is to midday, and sometimes, it looks like a tall enough ladder can possibly touch the clouds. I did not expect any of this when I first arrived to Otavalo and then traveled to Cotacachi by car. I expected flatland and cows all around the street, but every day I wake up astonished by how close the clouds are to me, and how much closer they can get by walking up to Imbabura mountain in front of the fields I work in with my new host family. 
The goodbye from my host family back in Quito was sad but expected: everyone late for everything but still wanting more time to hug each other once more before we leave one another. Luckily, as I said before, I will see them on the last day, and that is a day I am always excited for! The ride from Quito to Cotacachi took about 3 hours, but I was able to try local food in Otavalo before I went. Once I arrived at Cotacachi, I went under a new type of culture shock for a few hours because there was no internet. This was a new adventure I did not know to expect! Lately, I’ve been having fun with my new host family working on the fields and eating natural foods all day. I feel loved by them, and I hope they feel loved by me because they let me be part of their family for the next three weeks. We have three dogs, four cows, over 70 guinea pigs and rabbits, and a couple of chickens. I love them all as well!