Week 2 Post 2: Life in Cotacachi

July 30, 2019
Life in Cotacachi is simple and straightforward. My family and I will wake up and at 7:30, have breakfast, feed the animals, and then do it all over again after lunch. At first it seemed easy, but after a couple of days, I felt tired and knew I was in for a new chapter in my life - one that required me to exert my energy more than usual and learn how valuable this lifestyle is for many indigenous people in Cotacachi. We spent three days harvesting beans, leading the cows from grass to grass, and feeding all of the guinea pigs! Nevertheless, nothing beats the view that I see all around Cotacachi - the high mountains, low clouds, and fresh breeze that comes by every minute. 
Dinner was always the most interesting part of Cotacachi thus far. Every dinner has an exploding, natural taste that makes you think why you haven’t tried anything like this before! The hospitality that people here share with one another and strangers is always welcoming and warm. On the first day meeting the parents and other families, they seemed happy to have me and asked me what I like about Cotacachi thus far. I feel like I am part of the community already, and I hope to continue having this feeling for the next two and a half weeks here!