Week 3: Part 3 - Shopping in Ecuador!

July 27, 2018
It is Friday night and I am exhausted! I have to admit–these past few days I have not done too many adventurous things. I think I am somehow still exhausted from my long bus ride back from Canoa- who knows!
Every day I take the same bus to and from the hospital. In the morning, it takes 30 minutes to get there, and in the afternoon, it takes about an hour to get back. I have come to enjoy the bus rides a lot. I try to get the right side window seat every day because it is the best people watching position! Anyways, every day we pass this huge mall called el Jardín (The Garden). The other day I decided to visit the mall and check out what was there, and compare it to the US. I found that on the inside, it was super similar. Nice decorations, food court, all the normal stuff. There were quite a few stores I had never heard of, which I liked a lot. I was happy to see they had one of my favorite stores, Esprit, which we don’t have in the US!
The only thing was that the store was super small; in fact, all of the stores were a lot smaller than your typical American mall, even though the mall itself is quite big. It was a little odd to me! Even though I liked a lot of the clothes, almost every single article of clothing, no matter the store, was $65. I came close to buying a few things, but decided it wasn’t worth it and left the mall empty handed. Although $65 isn’t outrageous, it just didn’t feel worth it. The US definitely has a lot more variety in the pricing of their clothes!
Monika's Favorite Fruit - The GranadillaToday, I and another volunteer decided to have a quiet day and we went to the grocery store and bought some ice cream and came home and watched a movie. While at the grocery store I couldn’t resist buying one of my favorite fruits here- the granadilla. It is almost like a bright orange egg that you crack open, and you eat the deliciously slimy seeds from the inside.
Also, yesterday my host brother’s friend was over at our house playing his guitar. We started talking about music and I found out that my host family has a violin! For those of you who do not know, I have played violin for over 10 years and it is a big part of my life. So we all got the violin out and started messing around with it. It was fun to play again after so long, but the violin was one size too small which made it a little difficult to play. Either way, we had a good time listening to each other and singing along to the guitar!
I have also added a few additional pictures from the week that I just received today from my friends. Some of them are from Café Mosaico, a walk through the park during my Spanish classes, and other things I did this past week. Hope you enjoy! Check back in with you all on Monday!

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