Week 4: Part 1 - The Complete Quito Experience!

July 31, 2018
So here it is... the beginning of the end. It is my last Monday in Quito and in one week I will be back at work! This weekend I decided to stay in Quito and explore the city. Although I sort of wanted to travel around Ecuador a little more, I am super happy with what I got to do!
Saturday morning, some friends and I did a free walking tour of the Quito old town. We went to the famous Plaza Grande, saw the Central Bank, got fresh juice at the central market, went to a few churches (like the Catedral Metropolitana), and ended at the famous “La Ronda” neighborhood. Our entire tour group consisted of Europeans and Americans. For the first time in Quito I actually felt short! Needless to say, everyone was super nice and I got to chat with people from all over. I especially enjoyed talking to a couple from Holland that told me all about their recent travels around South America. They gave me good advice on where I should travel to next; they rooted for Colombia, which made me very happy to hear! In addition, our tour guide was super nice and was giving us lots of history lessons throughout the tour. I learned a lot and had a wonderful time seeing the city. Take a look at the pictures to see where I got to go!
After the walking tour, we went to the Quito artisanal markets. I was expecting a lot of unique stands, but it was more like an open air market where every stand sold the same stuff. Only a few stands were truly unique. Nevertheless, I wanted to buy everything. They sold a lot of leather goods, jewelry, and alpaca sweaters and blankets. I also must say that I put my bartering skills to good use! We fought hard for our sweaters and blankets, and I think we got some good deals!
Quito Botanical GardenOn Sunday we decided to go to the Quito botanical garden! I absolutely loved it. The garden even had green houses for carnivorous plants, Amazonian plants, orchids, and a beautiful rose garden. We spent the morning exploring the gardens, and even stumbled across their Bonsai garden (a Japanese art form using small trees). After that, we sadly walked home. One of us was leaving Quito and returning back to Germany, so we said goodbye and parted ways. I am super happy to have met some awesome people from all over the world because of this experience!
Well, that was my weekend in Quito! Hope you enjoyed reading about it and looking at the pictures of the city! Only two blogs left… hang in there with me!

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