7/24/14 The Old City

June 23, 2016


I had a somewhat late morning again today after going out dancing all night! I woke up at 8:30AM. I had to do some work in the morning and had a lovely breakfast once again. I hung out at home a bit and then left to meet up with Kim at school at 12PM.


This afternoon I had class a half hour early because my professor took me to the Old City or better known here as Quito's Centro Histórico. The Old City is in the center of Quito. My professor, German and I had to walk 5 miles each way to get to the city and back, so my legs are just a little tired now. The streets were adorably narrow and it was a very calm, but lively area. The pictures do not do the sites justice, I promise…

After the Old City, on the way home, I got to see a big mall they have here and it was very different than our malls, but really cheap. There were many small shops crammed together with so many items and deals. It was too hard for me to concentrate because there were so many options. Another mall we saw but did not go into was the black market mall (not the actual name). This is where your belongings go when you get robbed. German told me about a student he had that had her camera stolen, went to the black market mall, found her camera, and then had to buy it back for double what she paid in the US. I just think that’s so crazy, but at least she was able to get it back! Things are a lot different here, but when poverty is extreme like it is for some people here, they feel as if stealing is their only choice to feed their family and things like the black market mall are allowed to prosper.

On our walk home, I also got to try a cheese empanada. It was so great. It’s like fried cheese in dough.


After class, I went to salsa class again! I got paired with the teacher again (not sure if that is a good sign or a bad one? Haha). It was so much fun. I was laughing so much because I was just enjoying myself so much. It really is the little things! Who knew I would love salsa! So glad I tried it! I want to be a professional when I arrive home! After salsa, I went back to my friend Kim’s apartment for a little bit. Kim is here for five months doing an internship at a hospital here so she has a cute apartment in a volunteer house! We hung out there for a bit and then I headed home for a lovely dinner with my family! Oh also, when I arrived home, I realized I got some pretty intense sunburn this afternoon! The sun is a lot stronger than it feels here in Quito.