06/09/2016: Great Week of Volunteering!

June 24, 2016

I have had a very busy, but very good past couple days!!! Tuesday I volunteered in the morning. I played jenga and did puzzles with some of the abuelitos. I've been getting to know more and more of them and it has been amazing to hear all of their stories. After volunteering I got lunch at a little cafe on my way home. A little later I met some friends to book a hostel for this weekend, we are going to Mindo!!! After that we headed to salsa lessons. I really enjoy salsa, all of us students are getting pretty good!

Wednesday I volunteered again in the morning. I colored pictures with some abuelitos, while a big group of them did a memory activity. I came home for lunch and relaxed and read my book for a while. The school hosted a little fiesta before the big Ecuador versus Peru soccer game!!! Then we all headed to Plaza Foch to watch the game. They tied, but it was still a fun game to watch. Everyone gets really into it!!!

Today (Thursday), I volunteered until 1:30. I really enjoyed volunteering today. An abuelito and I were doing puzzles together, when we first started he was having a lot of trouble finding where the pieces fit and which way they went. But, by the end of the day he was finishing the puzzles pretty quick! It was really fun to work with him and to watch him get more confident the more we worked on the puzzles. After volunteering I met my friend Tori at the school and we headed to Old Town to see some of the beautiful churches!

After exploring Old Town for a while, Tori and I headed back to the school for salsa lessons! I'm going to be a salsa pro by the time I go home!!!

This weekend I am going to Mindo for a night! I am very excited!!!

I feel so blessed for the opportunity I have here, it is going by so fast and I am trying to soak up every minute!!!

Thank you for reading!