June 2015 Cultural Activity: Lobster Boat Restaurant

June 28, 2016

Cultural Exchange is the cornerstone of our J-1 program. We plan for at least 2 cultural activities a month, which means we have thousands of participants across the United States experiencing local culture. Cultural activities increase in the participant’s emotional ties to the community they’re living and working in, strengthens the relationships with their colleagues, and introduces Americans to invaluable experiences from the participant’s home culture. 

A Spirit rep met the students at Lobster Boat Restaurant in South Yarmouth where they mingled on the outdoor patio. The participants chatted with one another about where they are working, where they are from and how their summer has been. To mix the group up, they played a speed dating game. They loved it and all participated. It was great to see all the participants interacting in English and trying to explain stories in English to each other. Participants came and left depending on their work schedule. Some came after the game but still enjoyed munching on appetizers.