2009 International Job Fairs

June 28, 2016

The agenda for Spirit Cultural Exchange's 2009 Summer Job Fair included Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey; Kiev, Ukraine; Romania, and Macedonia. The first stop was in Istanbul from February 16-18, where employers were able to take a group tour of the city, including Dolmabahce Palace, Caria Museum of the Byzantine, sightseeing around Istanbul, and bazaar shopping. They also had a group dinner at the seafood restaurant Olimpiyat. The next day was the job fair, where four employers hired employees.

The group then departed to Ankara from February 19-20, where five employers hired summer staff and the group enjoyed a group dinner. 

The next stage of the job fair was in Kiev, Ukraine from February 21-22. In Kiev, employers were able to take a city tour and enjoy group dinners at Double Bass, a Ukranian/French restaurant with live jazz, and Shnyok Ukranian restaurant. Five employers hired summer staff. The employers then returned to the United States, while Spirit staff flew to Romania and Macedonia to meet with other agents and students about Spirit's programs.