Javier's Holidays in Chicago

January 11, 2017

Javier M. is an intern from Mexico training with Spirit's marketing department. He will post monthly about his experiences in Chicago and working with Spirit Cultural Exchange. 

After one month on my own in Chicago, holidays were around the corner. Some days earlier, my family told me that they wanted to come to visit me along with my girlfriend to spend New Year's day and Christmas!

Knowing that, I started to look for restaurants and nice places over Chicago where I can take them; I wanted that days to be really fun for all of us.

My girlfriend arrived a week before New Year's day on a very cold morning by the way; so the first place where I took her was Millennium Park, we had a great time; we took a lot of pictures at “The Bean,” we did some ice skating and the we headed down to the Art Institute of Chicago.

It´s a huge museum! It takes hours to visit all the galleries, but we didn’t know, so we were not able to walk through all of them.

During that days we visited Navy Pier’s Ferris Wheel, the aquarium, we took a walk over Lake Michigan, we went to Cindy’s Rooftop (which is a bar that has a balcony with an incredible view to Millennium Park) and visited some restaurants. Undoubtedly you need a good amount of money to keep your girlfriend happy. :D

A few days later, my parents arrived to spend New Year's Day with us, so now that we were all gathered we started looking for restaurants and I took my parents to a Thai food restaurant because they’ve never tried it before and they loved it!

Also we visited the Skydeck, the planetarium, the Field Museum and Soldier Field stadium. In fact, we toured all the city!

For New Year’s Day we booked a table at the House of Blues! It was very fun, the restaurant was very nice, the food was good and we also danced at the rhythm of a very good live music.

Just two days later, they had to go back to Mexico; it was very sad for me but definitely we had a great time and a week that we will never forget.