Javier's Chicago Update

March 6, 2017

This month has been much warmer! (finally) I took a walk for the first time in the city without using any scarfs or a coat.

The city is beautiful during sunny days; the good thing about good weather is that you can enjoy the city from a whole different perspective, there are walking tours or bus tours which let you photograph the most beautiful buildings and really clean streets of Chicago and its surroundings.

Also, you can go to the beach, which is beautiful, take a walk to relax or just chill at the wonderful lake Michigan. There are a lot of concerts for all kinds of music and there is a vibrant nightlife, bars are always crowded!

I have met really cool people at the place where I´m staying; people here is just more open to new people and if you are a sports person, this city is so proud of their teams and has a pretty long rich history of sports.

Another great thing about the city is that you can find restaurants almost in every corner! (this is really awesome if you are a food lover as me). Chicago is a great place to come if you are looking to try new types, flavors and sizes of food from all over the world.

This is such a diverse city that will never leave you bored, because there are always great things to do to and world class attractions to see.

Many different cultures have blended in Chicago, which means living in this city can make you feel a real cultural exchange experience overseas and the excellent Chicago public transportation system allows you to get by without a car but sometimes the trains are too slow so always be prepared for it and go on time.

Regarding to my internship; working with Spirit equals to a lot of cooperative work, everyone is talking to each other to be on the same page; this means that through the process I´ve been learning to work in teams , to adapt my ideas to someone else’s ones and find different ways or ideas to finish the same project.

There is a lot of communication and brotherhood inside the office, everyone supports each other and they get along pretty awesome.

I hope I can keep learning a lot of thing though te process and acquire all the experience I am looking for!