50/50: A Global Movement Focusing on Gender-Balance

April 26, 2018

Today marks the second annual 50/50 day, which is a day dedicated to working towards a more gender-balanced world. There are over 35,000 events taking place worldwide in 60 countries throughout the day. People are gathering to watch films, listen to speakers and have conversations about this important topic.

Spirit values the importance of a gender-balanced society, as the majority of our staff members and roughly 54% of our Summer Work Travel participants are women. To commemorate our support towards this movement, Spirit staff members gathered to watch films 50/50: Rethinking the Past, Present, and Future of Women + Power and Why I Pledge 50/50 together.

These films provide a history of gender and power and explored where we are in terms of gender equality today. They also discussed the benefits of gender balance and the importance of getting involved. The films gave some shocking statistics in regards to our world’s current gender imbalance.

  • Of 870 Nobel Prize winners, 48 have been women which is only 5%
  • For every $1 white men earn, women earn 77 cents and women of color earn even less
  • In 2016 when the film was produced, only 21 out of 116 heads of state were women which is 18%
  • Of all the elected officials in the USA, 80% are male and 80% are white
  • 95% of CEOs are men and only 5% are women
  • Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland are considered the happiest countries in the world and they have pay equality and parental leave for all genders

There is clearly a lot of work to do when it comes to making our world a more gender-balanced place. To learn more about 50/50 day click here and to learn about actions you can take, click here.