"Work and Travel Program at Safeway"

May 17, 2019

Our partnerships with amazing employers really make the Work and Travel program special for our participants! You can read about what Amy C. from Peru has to say about her time with the Safeway team in Idaho Springs below.

My name is Amy, and I've recently come back from Idaho Springs, Colorado after doing the Work and Travel Program at Safeway!

Spirit Participant Amy Visiting DenverI really had an amazing time and experience while I was working there. The work environment was great, and my boss (Brandi) was an extraordinary person who always had time to answer all my questions and tried to make me feel comfortable there. My coworkers were really kind and helpful people. But not all the amazing experiences that I had there were about work. I also got the chance to make American friends, improve my English skills, visit new places, and learn about American culture and society.

Finally, on the last day at work, my boss and coworkers told me that they were really impressed about my work skills, and they congratulated me about the amazing job that I did in those months and invited me to come back next year.

I would love to come back again!

Special thanks to Amy for sharing her experience at Safeway on the Work and Travel Program with us! If you have photos and a story to share, contact Spirit. We'd love to hear from you!