As part of your J-1 visa program with Spirit, you will have the opportunity to interact with Americans at your Host Company.  Spirit also wants to make sure you have opportunities to experience the culture of the United States outside of your place of business. Participating in cultural activities helps you fully experience all that the USA has to offer!

Cultural activities refer to the things you do after work that expose you to the life and culture of the United States. As a requirement of Spirit’s program, you must participate in at least two cultural activities per month.

Spirit, in cooperation with your employer, will arrange or recommend activities for you throughout your program.

Examples of cultural activities include:

  • Volunteering in the local community
  • Visiting a museum or historic site
  • Gathering with American friends for meals, games, or movies etc.
  • Touring a US city
  • Visiting a national park
  • Attending an American sporting event
  • The opportunities are endless!

Don’t forget that your J-1 visa provides up to 30 days after your program end date to travel in the USA. Plan ahead to make the most of your time, and consider the convenience and savings of a travel package from TrekAmerica – they even give Spirit participants a 10% discount!