Spirit’s J-1 Teacher Program offers U.S. schools the opportunity to welcome qualified international teachers to their faculty for 1- 3 years. Teacher Program candidates teach full-time in accredited U.S. primary or secondary schools, enhancing mutual understanding between Americans and other cultures.  Spirit matches Host Schools with qualified international teachers specialized in a variety of areas, including but not limited to Spanish, Mandarin, STEM and Special Education. Spirit is a designated program sponsor for the J-1 Teacher Program and provides full visa and program support to its participants and Host Schools.

Formal cross-cultural events and virtual classroom exchanges are arranged by the teachers during the program to familiarize the schools and communities with the teachers’ home cultures. The J-1 Teacher Program is a wonderful way for international teachers to share both their expertise in teaching and the rich history of their home cultures with US Host Schools and communities!

Spirit’s J-1 Teacher Program fee is $1490 per year. If you need Spirit to identify a placement for you, there is an additional one-time $1500 placement fee. For more information regarding fees, please click here.

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