Alumni Spotlight: Rrezarta

October 31, 2017

Our 2017 Spirit Alumni Award winner has been chosen, but there are still many other stories to be told! Rrezarta Ramadani participated in Spirit's program during the summer of 2017 and is from Kosovo. She sent a letter to our partner agency, Viking Travel, about the impact her program had on her.  Read on to hear about her life changing summer in Grand Maris, MN!

"Summer 2017 was an unforgettable one full of good experiences, and to be honest for me is very difficult to sum up in one letter, because every moment was mesmerizing.

Before my arrival in USA, my employer (at Genes Food) sent me an e-mail showing the main things about the city, work, climate, cultural activities, night life etc., which helped me a lot. During my arrival, the employer was waiting for me and some other international students, which helped me feeling at home before even visiting the place or meeting the staff…isn’t that cute?

As days were passing we became a perfect crew, just like a second family. I will never forget my friends, the tradition, culture and the words that they taught me, in their own language. As I think about my summer in the US, I will always see the faces who gave me a lot, who made my summer perfect and who made me so completed.

Just like everybody else, I had heard that United States is a land of dreams. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to walk on it and letting it be the best dream I have ever lived. I would also warmly invite all the international students to be part of the Work and Travel Program, which is from my experience worth it.

With Love,

Rrezarta Ramadani"