Introducing Tannesia R.

November 23, 2016

Hello future interns, the near future I hope :-)

My name is Tannesia R., I am a participate in Spirit's one year internship program. I signed up for the program THIS YEAR, and I was able to start my training THIS YEAR. UNBELIEVABLE! Spirit is by far the best Cultural Exchange agency I have worked with, and believe me, I have worked with quite a few.

I am a Food Services Management graduate, who thanks to Spirit, has been given the opportunity to train in my field of studies. I am currently a Culinary Intern at the prestigious Public Chicago Hotel and Pump Room, and believe me, my training can only get better!

Oh my word, Chicago is beautiful! Just walking around the city is breathtaking. I recently went to the Chicago River Walk, this is the perfect place to go for peace, quietness and tranquility. I know its hard to believe that a place like this could be in the ever busy city.

Alrighty then my fellow future interns, that's it from me for now, I will continue to share with you my monthly adventures.

Below you will see a snap shot of some beautiful pigeons at a lake near close by to where I live and also pics of me perfecting my culinary skills!