Life after Summer Work and Travel

July 29, 2016

Han from China spent the summers of 2014 and 2015 as a participant in Spirit's Summer Work and Travel program. She worked in Breezy Point, Minnesota, and then traveled around the United States before returning home. She wrote a follow up blog entry to discuss what her life has been like since leaving the United States. 

2014.6.11 That date was still in my heart. The day I left my hometown, the day I opened the door to a new world.  

That was my first time to go abroad. A little nervous, a little fear, but more excited. From Beijing to Chicago to Minneapolis to Breezy point. It took more than 20 hours. I couldn’t feel any tired because I was curious about everything. Blue sky, big lake, clear water, and nice people. There are not many people in that town. But you could hear “good morning” from a person you even don’t know.

It’s not like cities. You could play golf in many places. So I took my first golf lesson in Breezy.

The lake is clear and cool. It’s a good choice to swim in the lake in hot summer.

If you ask me when you can see many people on the street, I would say Independence Day. That must be the most fun part in the program. You could eat many local foods in the market. You could just sit down at the side of the street like local people waiting for a parade. Hold the flag, cheer and walk with them. At night, go to the park with some friends, find a best place to watch the fireworks, make your wishes.

I also made many friends from the program. I learned English from them, went to the church with them, enjoyed the delicious food that they made for me. They even showed me how they spend Thanksgiving Day just because I said it was a pity that I couldn’t experience it. They are the gift in my life.

2014.9.16  I left Breezy Point with tears and began a new journey. Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, Boston, California, Yellow Stone Park. If I was experienced the knowledge in English book when I was in Breezy Point, then I was in the movie in that journey. All the dreams come true.

Now, I graduated from the college and became an English teacher in an elementary school. What I taught was not only the knowledge from the book but also the culture I have experienced. The memory of that summer will remain in my heart, forever