Week 1, Post 1: My First Day Home

July 22, 2019

Spirit is pleased to introduce our second winner for the 2019 Ecuador Volunteer Scholarship, Salvador M. He has recently returned from his program volunteering in the artisan town of Cotacachi. For the next four weeks, we will be sharing his experiences on our blog. We hope you enjoy!

I still remember waking up to an email, giving me the chance to travel to Quito, Ecuador and live the culture and life. I counted my days until my departure date on June 23rd, my first day in Quito, Ecuador.

Traveling has never been an issue for me. I enjoy the long, calming naps and the faces I see on the plane, all heading to different places for different reasons, but with the same motive: to enjoy, and get home. I could not wait to get home and meet my host family. After being introduced to the welcoming culture of Ecuador by a friendly chat with an Ecuadorian on my plane, I got off and made my way through security. I made it to my new home for the next four weeks… Ecuador. The mountains are high enough to make you want to stay in Quito forever, and the diversity in the buildings and cars made every turn a possible sight to be seen. Quito became my hometown. 

I arrived home at 3 am on Monday, my host parents waiting at the door inviting me in and telling me how excited they are to finally see me. I was hoping for a fun adventure.