Week 2 Post 3: First Weekend Alone

August 1, 2019

My first weekend here was full of events, traditions, and a trip down memory lane. 

On Saturday, I attended a march of all the schools and different companies at Plaza del Sol, a yearly tradition that lands on July 6th. My host mother told me about the different people marching in the band, women’s activist groups, my host sister’s school, and government employees. I loved seeing how a town this small has so much love and history to offer to its residents. I think it shows how happy and proud people are to be a part of Cotacachi on July 6th. Can I also mention, the street food is amazing! It comes in different sizes and varieties, such as fried sugar balls, chips with ketchup, fish with rice and potatoes, and my favorite, apples. After the parade, I then visited Otavalo, where plaza ponche was having its biggest markets. My proudest achievement was buying a hammock! I’ve always wanted a hammock since I visited Nicaragua and helped manufacture one. I have wanted to own a hammock to always remember how relaxing Latin America is to me. 
On Sunday, I had the opportunity to run in a 5k to promote awaress for, and give, more children and teenagers a way to be more athletic and in shape. Running has always been a motivation to move, physically and spiritually. It is one of the hardest mental sports, and it takes guts to admit you love to run. The race started at 8 in the morning. The fresh air and the crowd reminded me of my time in Cross Country and my buddies who raced for the fun of it. It was a day to respect my past history with racing, and I enjoyed every second of it, even when I felt like throwing up multiple times. I did not win that race, but I felt revived for my passions that I wanted to pursue again. I thank Cotacachi for this wonderful experience to help me move once more!
Cheers from Ecuador!