Cultural Component

Cultural exchange is the foundation of Spirit’s programs.

The goal of all of our programs is to introduce bright young leaders of the future to the diversity of American culture, enabling them to develop positive “American” experiences that they will take back with them to their home countries.  What that “American” experience is will vary from participant to participant.  Whether participants attend a bowling night with their American co-workers, visit a major U.S. city on their day off or volunteer for an environmental beach clean-up day, they are sure to have a true “American” experience through our program.

As a Spirit cooperating Host Company, you are Spirit’s partner in ensuring a meaningful cultural experience for your participants. In addition to day to day interaction with Americans at their Host Company, Spirit asks cooperating Host Companies to offer participants approximately two planned activities a month where participants can meet Americans and learn firsthand about American society, culture and values.

Most of our cooperating Host Companies offer cultural activities for participants together with their American counterparts.  Activities need not be expensive and are often readily available in the local community.

Examples of cultural activities include:

  • Local festival or community event
  • Visit to a local government body in session
  • Volunteer activity for a charitable organization
  • Parades
  • Movie night
  • Bowling
  • Local museum or zoo
  • Local sporting event
  • Staff potluck dinner
  • National park or local historic site
  • Ice skating
  • The opportunities are endless!