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Experience the USA with Spirit Cultural Exchange! Become a participant in Spirit's J-1 Work and Travel or Internship Program. During your program, you may work and live near national parks, busy cities, relaxing islands or small towns. You will take part in activities that expose you to the life and culture of the United States. No matter where you are, you will experience the U.S. through your local community and Host Company.

Learn more about the J-1 visa programs we offer to international university students, recent graduates and young professionals:

J-1 Work & Travel Program
(2-4 months)

Experience the USA while working in a seasonal position in the hospitality field.

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J-1 Internships in the USA
(1 – 18 months)

Intern or receive advanced professional training in the USA in a variety of fields.

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J-1 Teacher Program
(1-3 years)

Teach in a K-12 school in the USA.

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  • I would like to express thanks to Spirit for giving me an amazing summer. I have improved my English and have lots of international friends and work experience. My placement was wonderful and beautiful. It was my first summer in the USA and the people were so nice. My boss and my co-workers would help me and teach me lot of things - I learned to swim and it was so much fun. My sister participated in Spirit's Work and Travel program five years ago. Now, it was my turn to participate in the J-1 Work and Travel Program with Spirit." 
    Azkhuu E. | Summer 2015 Participant
  • "Thank you for giving us this great opportunity to participate in your J-1 program. I'm so thankful that this program exists and I will remember this experience forever!"

    Sina A. | Summer 2015 Participant
  • "I would like to thank all the Spirit Cultural Exchange team… my American dream has came true thanks to you! I have worked at a water park in WI. All you followed me on Sevis information for my safety during the summer. This summer was a wonderful experience. Thanks a lot again!!!"

    Anil S | Summer 2012 Participant
  • "We really appreciate all your support! Our experience in the US, in this Work & Travel program was awesome!! We are sure gonna remember this for the rest of our lives!”

    Fabiana T and Paula S. | Winter 2012 Participants
  • “Thank you for being there when I had questions and for taking care about my program also for the opportunity of working and traveling here. Thank you very much!"

    Eduardo G | Winter 2012 Participant
  • "Everything is awesome! I had to better my English day by day, in my free time I usually study something about the English language. I told to my boss this exchange program was the best decision in my life because I was far away from my relatives, living with other people, living and learning many things with American people and other worldwide students."

    Wellington T | Winter 2012 Participant
  • “It was the best summer I have ever had! The park that I worked at was full with fun and I had lots of friends there, they were all so kind to me. I got the chance to see lots of states. I hope I will see more next summer! In my travel period I went to New York and visited so many places that I saw in American movies.”

    Seda A. | Spring 2013 Participant
  • “Go out and travel the world, on the way you’ll find yourself and realize your dreams!”

    Oscar O. | Spring 2013 Participant