Gloex and ICEAA Welcome Party

October 19, 2018

Here at Spirit, we love when our partner agents work hard in promoting and celebrating the value of culture exchange! Gloex, one of our partners in the Dominican Republic, is a member of the International Cultural Exchange Agencies Association (ICEAA), who has recently organized a welcome party for their students.

The ICEAA Welcome Party celebrated the students of Summer Work Travel 2018 and featured popular Dominican artists like Shadow Blow, Mark B, and El Mayor Clasico. It was a fun way to go on promoting cultural exchange beyond their stay in the U.S., and it was a great way to get participants together to share their experiences.

Although the event had some rain, thousands of students still came to talk about their time traveling to the U.S. on the Summer Work Travel program. The alumni shared their knowledge with prospective participants about the states they visited, the places where they worked, and how much English they learned. According to the ICEAA website, “It was noted the joy, love, and peace that each of the students brought back to the Dominican Republic. Traveling to the United States, they say, was an experience that has changed their lives.”

Students at the ICEAA Welcome Party

Through the work of the six agencies that make up ICEAA, thousands of students each year are inspired by the values of cultural exchange and personal growth, which is then used to change society for the better. According to ICEAA, “It is through cultural exchange that ideal entities are formed, with critical thinking. Students of a generation of observers who are the thinking, working mass, involved in the bricks that are rebuilding this nation.”

Click here to view ICEAA's video highlights of the event:

ICEAA Welcome Party Video

Be sure to check out the awesome photos below!