Week 2: Part 3 - Comedy and Cafe Mosaico!

July 20, 2018
Happy Friday! I last wrote to you all on Wednesday, where I learned some fruit vocab at the market, danced some salsa, and made some chocolate. Since then, I have done some fun things I would like to update you on!
Yesterday, I worked at the hospital and had a pretty normal day. Nothing crazy happened—just the typical stuff that I have written about in my past blogs. For my Spanish lesson, I asked my teacher if we could walk to the nearby bus station to buy my overnight bus ticket to Canoa, AKA the beach! Tonight at 11:45PM, I will board a bus, hopefully sleep the entire way, and arrive in Canoa at around 8AM. Then I will head immediately to the beach to do some surfing, napping, reading, and tanning! But you will have to wait until my next blog to hear about those adventures!
Improv Show in the ParkAnyways, my teacher and I had a wonderful walk to the bus station, walking through a nearby park. On our way home, there was a performance happening in the park. A few local comedians get together and put on a little improv show, and people make a huge circle around them to watch. They were super funny, but they also had a lot of raunchy jokes that surprised me! I was pretty surprised that mothers were not plugging their children’s ears! It is interesting to see how different the culture is in that regard and to see what people deem as “appropriate” or not. To add to that, as soon as I showed up, the comedians instantly spotted my blonde hair, and pointed me out to the entire crowd, making some jokes and asking where I was from. I definitely felt a warm welcome from both the comedians and the crowd, so that made me feel better about sticking out like a sore thumb in that crowd!
Another exciting part about yesterday evening was a quick trip to Café Mosaico. It is a restaurant that has a terrace and huge windows which let you see the entire city. My friends and I took a taxi, ordered some deserts, and chatted while enjoying the view. We watched the sunset and stayed until we could see all of the little lights from the houses light up the sky. It was a cozy evening and I definitely plan to return there before I leave Quito!
Today was my last day working in the emergency room, and I am super sad about it! I have made good friends with the doctors and medical students, but I will definitely return within the next two weeks to chat with them during my breaks. Today was fun because I got to help with a few new things. I assisted with an abdominal paracentesis, an endoscopic procedure, and a few other smaller things. It was a super interesting day!
Anyways, I’ll talk to you guys on Monday with updates on my Canoa trip!

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