Experience the USA with Spirit Cultural Exchange! Become a participant in Spirit's J-1 Work and Travel or Internship Program. During your program, you may work and live near national parks, busy cities, relaxing islands or small towns. You will take part in activities that expose you to the life and culture of the United States. No matter where you are, you will experience the U.S. through your local community and Host Company.

Learn more about the J-1 visa programs we offer to international university students, recent graduates and young professionals:

J-1 Work & Travel Program
(2-4 months)

Experience the USA while working in a seasonal position in the hospitality field.

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J-1 Internships in the USA
(1 – 18 months)

Intern or receive advanced professional training in the USA in a variety of fields.

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J-1 Teacher Program
(1-3 years)

Teach in a K-12 school in the USA.

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