Bend Elks Baseball Game

August 20, 2019

Our participants in Bend and Sisters, Oregon recently met with Spirit representative Hope at Vince Gennes Stadium, where the Bend Elks play. She provided free tickets for a baseball game and food. They even got to sit behind home plate! You can read more about this fun evening below.

Once we got to our seats, I explained the rules of baseball to the participants, and it seemed that they understood what was going on during the game. They had many questions that I answered to make sure that they were able to follow along. About halfway through the game, the participants went to the food stand to get their hot dogs, chips, and drinks. Many said that they had not tried a hot dog before, and they liked it.

We sang along to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch, as I receited the words before they were sung. The participants liked feeling that they were a part of the game and had fun supporting their local team.

Spirit Participants at Bend Elks Baseball Game

Throughout the game, the participants were able to talk to each other and share the experiences that they have had so far. I was also able to talk with each group of participants to hear about everything they had done so far that summer! It even gave them a chance to relax with their employers, which they seemed to enjoy as well. Overall, it was a great evening!

Meet Hope!


Be sure to check out a few more photos from our event below: