Week 3, Post 2: Manipulating Water

August 8, 2019

One common thing that people always get used to is the movement of water. It flows towards one direction where there is no water or until there is no more water left to flow. I only ever thought of water as a drinkable source of energy, but never a source to manipulate until this week. My host mother and I went off to create ditches and streams so the water can flow and feed the plants we were growing. It seemed simple and not much to think of, but when you think about how important it is to create a passage for water, it makes it seem like the water is an indestructible force that we depend on. It strengthens the importance of water. We fed the plants and moved on with our lives, only to think about this more the following day.

I then helped my host dad create more ditches and streams for the other farmlands. I was a bit more awestruck because I had to deal with the set up and path making of the streams. I also had to decide how much water I wanted to let in. At first, it was a bit draining because time took its toll on me. I got bored, but after seeing how much faster water can move by limiting the number of streams, I allowed the land to swallow water, and I felt much more driven to be a pathfinder. This was a new experiment for me because I never had the opportunity to change the flow and direction of water. I was happy to be a part of this day and experience because my help here will be seen weeks from now when the food grows into healthy plants that I fed weeks earlier. The following week, we planted seeds for the next season.