Week 3: Part 1 - Weekend in Canoa!

July 23, 2018
It is Monday and I am in Canoa, Ecuador. Canoa is a sleepy little beach town with amazing waves, seafood, and dogs! We left Quito at 11:45 PM on Friday aboard an overnight bus which got us to Canoa early Saturday morning, at about 7AM. We attempted to spend the day productively, but kept falling asleep as we lied on the beach, read our books, and did other beach activities. The bus ride through the mountains was very curvy, and I think none of us slept as much as we had hoped, so Saturday was a day filled with sporadic naps.
Sunday, however, we woke up rejuvenated! We went to breakfast at the “Surf Shack” a Canadian-owned restaurant recommended to us by our Canadian hostel owners. After going there, we realized there were a ton of Canadians in Canoa! It was pretty interesting. Our hostel owners told us about how they met when they came down to help after the 2016 earthquake; what an awesome way to meet!
Shell Hunting in CanoaWe ended up surfing most of the day, and then eating lots of great seafood-ceviche, langosinos al ajillo, lobster, and coconut shrimp! It was very relaxing. The hostel also has a dog named Fancy who fell in love with us. She would walk us into town when we went to get food, sit under our table as we ate, and then would walk back with us. She was great entertainment, running after crabs and birds along the way. Out of all of the hostel guests, I am very glad she took a liking to us! She accompanied us on our long walks on the beach as we found the most beautiful seashells I’ve ever seen. Also there were many sand dollars, starfish, and other mysterious jelly-fish looking creatures. On the contrary, we also saw quite a bit of trash, a dead sea turtle, and a few other dead animals. We used one of our plastic bags to pick up trash on the beach as we walked, so at least we did something to help!
We also sat in the Surf Shack and watched France win the world cup against Croatia. All of the Canadians were rooting for Croatia, coincidentally. Everyone in the restaurant was super friendly and chatting with us about where we were from and who we wanted to win. It was a fun morning!
Now it is Monday and my entire body hurts from surfing. I wish I could surf more often but the waves in Lake Michigan just don’t cut it! We spent the day on the beach again, relaxing, and eating. Tomorrow I will be back in Quito ready to get to work! Hope you all enjoyed reading about my little trip to Canoa. Until next time!

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